Just Gave Birth!

If you have noticed, my Pink Fridays entry was so dry. I was not able to add more words into my post. Why? Because I just gave birth to my third bundle of joy last Wednesday, September 23! And since I was discharge from the hospital Friday afternoon, I just made a quick post for Pink Fridays.

To all my friends and meme participants, please forgive me if I will not be able to update this blog in the next few days except for Pink Fridays. I am breastfeeding and the baby is awake during the wee hours of the night till dawn. So, when the baby sleeps, I do too. I think sleeping is all that I can afford right now since the best eye creams in the market may not be friendly to breastfeeding moms like me. If I use one, I need to consult my OB doctor first but I guess she will recommend adequate sleeping hours and water for the moment which I think is not feasible. LOL!

Anyway, I will still do my best to update as soon as I am able! Ciao for now!

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