Laminate Flooring for Safety

We’re almost close to moving back to CDO to see first-hand how our renovated house looks like. However, I’m still thinking if maybe I should have the floors at the house changed. Why? I just realized that I have a toddler who might find delight in running about the house and I don’t want to risk her slipping or sliding down the floor. I’m thinking whether laminate flooring would be best.

At the same time, I’m also apprehensive because I’m running low on budget and I don’t want to spend more than necessary and risk emptying my bank account. But if I can find a store that sells discount laminate flooring, then perhaps I can fit new floors on my budget.

With laminate flooring, I wouldn’t have to worry so much when my youngest starts running around the house because I know the chances of her slipping on the floor is highly unlikely.


  1. mommy jes

    Yes laminated flooring or carpet 😀

  2. Tina

    Goodl luck on your moval Mommy Rubz.. kami naman will transfer to a new house tomorrow. Excited na rin.. 🙂

  3. tejan

    go mommy what you think is best for the children;) good day!

  4. Green Dei

    That's nice moving to a new place, time to decorate! =)

  5. Green Dei

    I wonder when will we afford to buy our own crib, need to work hard and save up first.

  6. Mona

    Wow, nice … renovated house go go go mommy rubz!

  7. tejan

    yeah they are cutie and lots!!! heheh.. My PF is up sissy! Have a great pink friday!

  8. Sheila

    The new house we will going to buy, is wood and i love it

  9. Willa @ The Smart Shopper

    Ako rin,I prefer laminate floors than carpeted,mas madali pa kasing linisin.

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