Las Vegas Entertainment Online

My husband once shared to me that he wanted to visit Las Vegas. He said he wants to experience playing casino games like poker and even those shiny slot machines. So when he mentioned Las Vegas, all I can remember are those Hollywood movies with casino houses that are full of sexy and pretty girls. Not to mention, the 24 hour wedding chapels they have; thus making me think that Las Vegas is not a great place for married men with jealous wives like me. LOL!!

So, I told my husband, if you want to go to Las Vegas just to try those casino games, better not hope nor plan to go there. Instead, I suggested that he should try playing free online casino games. Aside from being FREE, there are no real girls at his side except me! Get the picture?! He he he…

Casino games are abundant online. There are paid and free ones. If he wants to play Las Vegas kind of casino games like blackjack, video poker, roulette, slot machines, scratch and win, keno, baccarat and more, he can find it online.

Anyway, I am not saying that I want him to play online casino but all I want is for him to be safe – safe by myside away from all those girls. LOL! And aside from that, I only ask him to play free online casino. He is not really good with self control so playing in paid sites is not highly recommended for him.

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