Living in a City with Five Seasons

I’ll let you in on a little secret. This early and without any assurance that it could happen, I already have a lot of choices should I decide to relocate abroad or to a foreign land. Of course, the primary option is any city or state in the United States. After all, don’t they always refer to the US as the place where the grass is always greener? I bet I would find a suitable job for me no matter where my dreams land me in the US.

If you would make me choose at least three states where I could choose to settle down, I would have to say California, New York and Iowa. California because I have some relatives there so getting myself settled won’t be too difficult. Besides, that’s where Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive are and I just can’t see myself passing up on the chance to catch a glimpse of famous celebrities. I also chose New York because I want to take my kids to see a musical in Broadway and maybe take a side trip to Ground Zero.

Iowa is the third state in my short list and I chose it because I want to get familiarized with the state, particularly one of its cities, Cedar Rapids, the city of five seasons. Of course when I get there, I would have to look for a signage that advertises new homes for sale cedar rapids ia so I can go ahead and start building a home and a life there. I wonder how great it would be to live in a place where the people enjoy five seasons – winter, spring, summer, fall and the fifth and most important of all, the season to enjoy all the other 4 seasons and simply enjoy life. Doesn’t that sound great?

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