Love or Stupidity??

Though I have a rocky marriage, I still love my husband. So guess what I did last night?! After our fight chat the other night, I called him. I know…I am kinda stupid for doing that but I can’t help it. If you love a person, you easily forgive them no matter what.So before I called him, I texted him with several messages since noon. He replied only a few and no more. So that is why I decided to give him a ring. My first and second try, his mobile phone was out of coverage area. The third try went through and you know what he was doing? He was busy playing a game with his laptop. I also asked him why he didn’t reply, he said he has run out of load credits. Oh Men!! They just don’t care about emotions that women feel every time a relationship undergoes massive pressure. All they cared about are themselves!

Anyway, I loved this man. Nothing more and nothing less! I may complain but I still forgive him. So do you think this is love or just plain stupidity? Or is LOVE full of stupidity??

One thought on “Love or Stupidity??

  1. Love is Blind, they say. And what your doing is just normal for someone who’s so deeply, madly, deeply in love. It’s not stupidity, it’s plain love. Don’t care what people say, if it makes you happy and you don’t neglect your responsibilities with your children, go on! help yourself…after all, we only live once. And only you know what makes you go on living…:-)


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