Loving Japanese

Don’t you just love anything Japanese? Beautifully designed kimonos, romantic cherry blossoms, and delectable miso soup and other Japanese dishes? The list goes on and on and it makes me all the more excited to migrate with my entire family to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Japan and its people are not only well known for their strict sense of discipline and dedication, which is evident in their world class craftsmanship, exemplified by their yamaha bass guitars at Musicians Friend and other products they are known for the world over. They also value their age old traditions and beliefs, that, along with their rich and colorful culture and history, make them all the more endearing to the rest of the world.

Yes, I must admit I really love Japan to bits and I look forward to visiting it one day soon with my children. Meanwhile, I will brush up on my Japanese and watch as much animes as I can to prepare for my Japanese adventure!

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