Masonic Jewelry for Masons

I had no idea that most organizations spend money to have identifying jewelries made for their members. I thought such stuff was only appropriate for college graduates and basketball teams, you know like college rings and championship rings. I guess I was a bit presumptuous.

I was browsing a few websites some days ago because I was trying to look for some nice jewelry that I can save up for to give to my daughter but instead I found masonic jewelry or pieces that were engraved with the logo for Masons or Freemasons. There were watches, rings, pocket watches, cufflinks and necktie pins. The website says that the jewelry pieces were supposed to express a Mason’s feelings for being part of such a distinguished brotherhood.

I know some Masons in this area and maybe I could suggest that they get Masonic rings for their member. The rings would let everybody know that they are proud of the fact that they belong to an organization known worldwide.

4 thoughts on “Masonic Jewelry for Masons

  1. when i was younger, i thought masons where like carpenters or something. kasi i always see a sign saying, “A mason lives here.” hay naku. para pala yan fraternity on a more spiritual level.

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