Miss Apple Bottom: Who She is and What She Represents

Each year, Apple Bottom — the clothing line created by hip-hop artist, Nelly — has a contest to crown Miss Apple Bottom. The contestants compete to win a multitude of products from the Apple Bottom line, and a chance to meet Nelly in person. But who is Miss Apple Bottom, and what will the winner represent?

The company’s motto is, “apples come in all shapes and sizes.” They adhere to the motto by designing clothes that look good on women of every shape. Whether you’re a full-figured woman or a petite woman, the Apple Bottom clothing line has something that will appeal to you, and make you look good. Miss Apple Bottom will ideally represent this motto. She’s a woman that has curves and is proud of them; she loves fashion and makes an effort each day to look her best. Above all, Miss Apple Bottoms is proud of who she is and where she came from.

The company strives to ensure that women are looked at as equals, regardless of how they are built. The company designs clothes in hopes that the clothing line will make all women feel good about themselves. Whether, you wear Apple Bottom clothes to the office or to a club, they strive to ensure that your choice of clothing gives you the appearance that you’re looking for. Miss Apple Bottom will be someone who demonstrates a positive attitude in many areas of her life, and who understands that she looks good no matter what she’s wearing.

The values of the company are ones that all women should take to heart, and this is why the company strives to ensure that Miss Apple Bottom will represent all women everywhere. It’s more than an image; it’s a way of thinking that makes Miss Apple Bottom proud of who she is.

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