Missing Postcrossing

My beloved hobby has to take the backseat when I got tied up with my new role as a corporate chic. But to be honest with myself, I really miss postcrossing and receiving postcards in my mail. It has been awhile since I have been to our local post office to mail some cards and I am missing that part of my routine, too. I remember mailing several dozens of postcards at a time and painstakingly putting really nice stamps in them.

Needless to say, it has also been awhile since I have been to the bookstore to buy postcards. I have quite enough stock but I used to get a number of cards whenever I go to the bookstore. I also tried making my own postcards in the past. I plan to do that again and tap a cheap postcard printing service to create my postcards for me. This is one of the things that I hope I can find time to do one day soon.

Receiving and collecting postcards is really quite a relaxing activity for me, even my children look forward to receiving them and help me sort them out and store them in my album and boxes. Now that I think about it, I cannot wait to swap postcards with my postcrossing friends again!

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