Move On Girl

My best friend had a very bad breakup with her unlikely relationship for seven years. I told her that she shouldn’t mourn over a relationship that was never right in the first place. So I told her to get up and move on since its time to take care of herself. I also told her that I am helping her go back to school and pick up the pieces where her selfish partner left her for good. I told her that instead of getting a student loan, I asked her to live with me since she is already family.

Anyway, I am glad she replied that she is willing to go on even though her heart is bad broken. She is willing to pursue life for her family.

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  1. When we put too much expectation on the relationship that turns out not as we expected, it is a natural feeling to mourn over something, a part of us that we lost – time, effort, expectation, and the old self. There is a right time for everything. A time to mourn, to cry, to heal and eventually to move on. And I'm glad your friend already arrived at the point where she realized she needs to pick and patch the broken pieces of her and continue to the next chapter of her life.

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