Music Is Fabulous

I know most women will agree when I say that music is not only relaxing and enjoyable to listen to, especially when you feel stressed out or beat up from work or the concerns of day to day living, it is also sexy and fabulous at the same time. That is probably the reason why we love those musicians, may they be rock stars belting those overwhelming songs or musicians playing instruments like guitar or sax at wwbw. Think Richard Marx or Kenny G., perhaps. They are the most fascinating. They have this mass appeal that attracts people of all ages, from different walks of life. Ever wonder why people flock to all those Woodstock shows and other musical events, more than the flashy lead vocalists of various rock bands, it is actually the music that moves these people to go there and listen to one song after another, even in the midst of a falling rain.

Music, indeed is the universal language, its rhythms and textures overcoming language barriers the world over.




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