My Children Are My Inspiration

I am a mother of three and my youngest daughter, Baby Bella, is more than a year old now. After I gave birth to her, I somewhat gained some weight that everybody around me has started to notice. I became conscious with my “figure” that I started to worry and searched for ways to lose weight effectively. I started to do some daily routine exercises, limit my food intake and tried diet pills that work fast. Fortunately, these all worked fine for me that I was back in shape in a matter of few months.

Whenever I think about how I looked after I gave birth to my Baby Bella, and see those pictures of me gaining some extra pounds, there is no regret about it as I am very much happy to see the Baby Bella is now growing so fast actively and that she serves as my inspiration, together with my older daughter and son, Micah and David, to continue to strive harder daily and go on with my life.

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