New Year. Old Pain!

It’s a new year and I am still in the same financial situation as last year. My online income has not increase a bit and is steadily decreasing. I am getting worried actually since I have many bills to pay. I have to clear out four credit cards per month. The sad part is that the balances I have in them are mostly because of the compounded interest. Actually there are months that I can pay more than the required amount and there are days that I incurred late payments.

Since their dues are of different days, I almost worry about them every week. It seems that there is no rest on thinking where will I get the money to pay them more than the minimum or even just on time. Anyway, my friend in the US told me that she found a site that gives Sure Orman tips. These tips actually discuss many helpful issues on how a person can get out of debt. She told me it might be good for me to read them so that I may somehow get ideas on how to ease up my current financial situation.

So, I went there and read some of the tips given there. The only thing I can say for now is that I really wish I could apply for a debt consolidation. This is a kind of service given by financial establishments to help lower your bills by consolidating them all. This means that they pay off your outstanding debts to other companies for a certain amount of interest. Then in return, you will pay them monthly on a fix amount. Isn’t that a nice service? You get to think about one debt and focus all your resources there!

Oh well, I hope I can find such kind of financial service here in our place and I think I should start looking for one. I am sure they can help me ease my financial pains too!

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