Now I Know!

Just yesterday, I have finally realized why I had a funny mood in me. Why? Because I got my Page Rank back at my main blog! Well, the feeling was just advanced I suppose.

I lost my Page Rank a few days ago and after a day or so, I got it back! Honestly, it was a sad experience for me. I am a stay at home mommy blogger and my source on living is from my online endeavors. And having a Page Rank in your blog really means something in the compensated blogging world.

Anyway, I was really happy and still crossing fingers on this. I hope that all of our Page Ranks will stay longer. Mr. G will start updating again this October till November of this year. I hope he would be generous enough to grant everybody with a Page Rank. In that way, we can all celebrate a googly Christmas with all the tasks coming on our way.

Let’s hope and pray for the best!

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