On Multivitamins

There are many multivitamins in the market today. So the question is what is the brand that we could consider as the best multivitamin brand?

Well, there are many multivitamin brands but the most common in the Philippine market are Enervon C, Propan with Iron and Centrum. These are the brand names that are commonly used by the Filipinos. Actually, in my own opinion, I couldn’t say which multivitamin is the best since it really depends on the reaction of your body (if it could absorb nutrients that much or not). Sometimes, talking multivitamins have several effects on an individual that causes people to have preferences. Some after taking it becomes sleepy, some get a perk of energy while some just adds up to their weight.

As for me, I use Centrum Complete, a brand that originated in the US. I used this not because of personal preferences but for economical use because my auntie gave me a bottle that contains 500 caps. Before, I also used Enervon C and Propan with Iron. To be honest, I don’t have a personal preference on what multivitamin to take since all of them add up to my weight. I only take them just to supplement the missing nutrients from my diet.

How about you? Do you think multivitamins? Do you have preferences? What are the effects of multivitamins to your body?

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