On Topamax Lawsuit

Cleft lip and palate is a deformity among children as a result of incomplete development during early fetal formation. It is an opening in the lip or palate (the roof of the mouth) causing the child to have speech impediment, and even have very bad ear infections. It is more common among non-Caucasian children and is usually hereditary. However, we cannot always blame it on the genes. Some cases are caused by drugs or virus which the mother was exposed to during pregnancy.

Topamax, a drug commonly used to treat migraine is found out to be one drug that causes this deformity among children. If parents are convinced that the drug is the main cause of their child’s deformity, they could file a Topamax lawsuit so that their child can be entitled to a liability claim with operation and necessary medication. However, they would need the expertise of trained lawyers to handle the case so as to prove that their claims are true.

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