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Lea Salonga’s Star-Studded Concert with the Next Disney Princess!

Everyone knows Lea Salonga as the Disney Legend who provided the vocals of Disney Princesses Jasmine and Fa Mulan in Aladdin and Mulan. Apart from her work with the Walt Disney Company, she has stunned audiences worldwide for her Tony Award-winning runs in Broadway and the West End for her role as Kim in Miss Saigon, and both Eponine and Fantine in Les Miserables. Now, the legend is crowning a new Disney Princess at the upcoming Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream gala concert! The concert is the finale of Globe Studios’ I Dare to Dream, a first-of-its-kind, digital reality series in collaboration with Disney and Maker Studios, that will search for the next Disney Princess from a group of six young girls. Salonga will award the winner during the event, and will headline the concert featuring Disney classics. “Globe has always committed itself to creating original digital content to complement the brand’s fast internet speeds,…


Pink Balloons Wall Decal

Hello, guys! Welcome back to Pink Fridays! It has been two years since the last Pink Fridays post was up. To be exact, it was March 27, 2015! And I am pretty sure many of you pink lovers out there missed playing this blog meme. So without further ado, let us welcome our 212th Pink Fridays post! Took this photo yesterday at the Centrio Mall's VIPinoy Lounge. There were cuter wall decals posted all around but this one was the cutest – pink balloons with a cute kitty hanging. Do you have a Pink Fridays entry for today? If so, don't forget to leave the link and comment below!

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Removing Mold Is Important

There are many things that you need to pay attention to after you buy a home. Some of these things are more important than others. Other things simply slip through the cracks and get ignored. One of the major issues that you cannot afford to ignore is mold. This is not a subject that many homeowners spend a lot of time thinking about. However, mold that is undetected in your home can cause many problems. There is no reason to allow this to happen because there are companies that specialize in mold removal. Here are several of the biggest reasons why it is so crucial to look for mold and remove it as soon as it is detected. 1. Mold will destroy your property if it remains undetected. It is important to understand where mold is likeliest to grow. This will allow you to look in these areas more frequently…