Annoying Spam Mails

Have you ever get tired of cleaning your email inbox daily? To be honest, I do! I couldn’t leave those spam mails lying around my inbox. If I let them pass by for a few days, I will be stuck with too many spam mails and it will bring me to an hour of relentless […]

WIN 300 Cup of Noodles!!

If you are somewhere located in the Philippines and knows how to make up funny lines, well here's another chance for you! Get to win 300 cup of noodles for this rainy season if you can make a funny text message to be placed at the boy's t-shirt. So, if you have that talent, try […]

Certified Net Addict

Since I am always online 24/7, I opted to devote this blog on writing about my opinions and views on online matters (I added it in the header…do I look cute in the picture? LOL!!). Since this is my blog now, I want to blog about (good or bad) my online finds. I really love […]