Remembering 1980’s Movies

During the 80’s, I was just toddler growing up and I was not yet going to movie theaters. But if we talk about movies from the 80’s that I watched, oh well most of my favorites are from that decade. Some of my all-time favorite movies are Star Wars sequels The Empire Strikes Back and […]

Silly Thoughts

When I was still working, my best friend and I have few talks about our imaginations. You know, those silly thoughts that get inside your mind, the “what if” episodes. For example, from where I work, there are plenty of stairs. Every time, I go up or down the stairs, I always imagine what if […]

Dream Cars

I was tagged by my friend and there were so many questions that come with it. Of course, it was called “interrogate me.” Anyway, there was a question there that asked what my dream car is. So simple, I answered directly – something small and less on gas. Why? Because of the surmounting price hike! […]