Silly Thoughts

When I was still working, my best friend and I have few talks about our imaginations. You know, those silly thoughts that get inside your mind, the “what if” episodes. For example, from where I work, there are plenty of stairs. Every time, I go up or down the stairs, I always imagine what if […]

Dream Cars

I was tagged by my friend and there were so many questions that come with it. Of course, it was called “interrogate me.” Anyway, there was a question there that asked what my dream car is. So simple, I answered directly – something small and less on gas. Why? Because of the surmounting price hike! […]

Ghost Writing

Being a stay at home mommy is not an easy job. Though you get all the time you need to spend with your family, the income is not fixed. So you still need to work very hard to earn the threshold to make it for another month. Since the opportunities these days are becoming very […]