Ghost Writing

Being a stay at home mommy is not an easy job. Though you get all the time you need to spend with your family, the income is not fixed. So you still need to work very hard to earn the threshold to make it for another month. Since the opportunities these days are becoming very […]

Frustrating Connection

I am really disappointed with my internet connection. It’s very slow and it’s making me miss a lot of opportunities to be grabbed! When I was in Bacolod before, I can easily grab with my PLDT myDSL account but here in Cagayan with my SmartBro connection, I have to wait few minutes before the page […]

Annoying Spam Mails

Have you ever get tired of cleaning your email inbox daily? To be honest, I do! I couldn’t leave those spam mails lying around my inbox. If I let them pass by for a few days, I will be stuck with too many spam mails and it will bring me to an hour of relentless […]