Through Aming Ligaya, LBC Hones Value of Above-Par Customer Service

For many decades, LBC has provided service that goes above and beyond the norm to help customers. This is why it stands happy and proud behind the Aming Ligaya campaign, where LBC facilitates a more personal encounter between their exemplary LBC agents and customers they have served well. A few months ago, LBC customer Ms. […]

3 Tips for Practicing Espionage

Everyone has wanted to be a spy at some point. While the romantic image of someone bravely fighting against megalomaniacal old men with cats in their laps might be fun, the actual occupation of spying is a lot less action and a lot more skulking around. Still, it's quite fun and intriguing. Whether you'd like […]

Steps to a Better Tomorrow

Here are what celebrities going through major milestones in life are doing to be set for tomorrow… Yearend festivities often inspire thoughts about the past, present, and future. Have you made the most of the past 12 months? Are you deserving of the triumphs (and/or woes) that you enjoy today? What’s in store for you […]