Passion for Gold

I love gold jewelry. There is no question about that. I know of others who prefer white gold or titanium accessories, but for me, it is still shiny, yellow gold. Yeah, I guess I am old fashioned. But that is my preference.

If I really have the bucks for it, I mean if I can only allocate some money in my monthly budget to buy gold jewelry, it will really be nice to save up for them. Buying a piece once or twice a year would be really great. For now, my priorities however are my children and all my work and earnings and effort are for them and subsistence. Two school age kids and a baby. These are my treasures. So well, naturally, no more budget for jewelry.

But if given the chance someday to afford them, why not? I would love real gold (not jewelry) dangling on me. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, right? At least, this one is free. Hehehe…

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