PCI Compliance

Running an online store is not easy. Aside from the inventory of products, you must make sure your website is secure and the payment processor you are using to process your sales is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. Why? Because many web stores that sells physical and digital goods have been hacked by people. If they don’t steal the goods, they take the credit card information of the customers. That means, if the pay processor is not secure, both the owner and the customer will pay the cost.

If you are a payment processor handler, you may ask what the cost of becoming PCI compliant is. Well, since I am not an online security expert, I don’t know the exact monetary amount but I am sure that a pay processor or web store owner that has businesses and clients must secure safety for all. It is not easy if your business will be in ruins because of a client’s loss.

There are many sites that can help more on PCI compliance. One of these companies is www.braintreepaymentsolutions.com.

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