PF #1 : Pink PlayStation

Welcome to the First Edition of Pink Fridays!I hope that you would enjoy playing this meme every week. Let’s enjoy visiting and commenting our friends while we enjoy every pink online finds and stuffs we have!

Pink Fridays #1

This is one of my listed wish list. I always thought that it would be pretty cool to have our very own PlayStation in “pink.” Though we have the blank one, I think a having one in “pink” is fabulously cute!

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Pink Fridays Participants

1. janet
2. My Pink Shoelace
3. Dhadha | Supladita
4. Nelle – StrandedLife
5. Pinay Mommy
6. Carlota

9 thoughts on “PF #1 : Pink PlayStation

  1. Ei Pink Mama, weeeeee just dropping by letting you know that am joining your meme… So cute and so pink!!!

  2. Playstation is the best gaming console that i have owned. Me and my brother are addicted in playing games on Playstation.”*’

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