PF # 103: Pink Coloring and Drawing Book

Last week was one of the baddest week of my entire online life, my oldest blog hosting servers has a CPU overload thus closing down not only this blog but of my clients as well. And because of that, I was forced to work the whole week sleepless but thank God, all of them are working now!! That means we are back to Pink Fridays!! Hoorah!!

Here is my entry this week…

I saw an online shop at Facebook selling homemade jewelries and she has an album for notebooks, journals, coloring book and stuff like that. So instead of buying a jewelry for myself, I ended up buying for my kiddos. 😀

Now here are two of my three treasures in action…

Now, share your PINK goodies to us!!

19 thoughts on “PF # 103: Pink Coloring and Drawing Book

  1. Cute naman ng mga kiddos mo Mommy. Kulang na lng si Ate Micah para kumpleto:) Glad that everything is working and back to normal now:)

    Happy Friday!

  2. laging gnun ano? pag balak mo shop pero may nakita ka for kids magbabago isip mo and then youll end up buying for them instead for your self. I do that most of the time! !! Hay MOM’s life!

  3. awww! those are cute goodies Mommy Ruby, the kids are serious too 🙂 Visiting from PF, hope that you can return the visit too.

  4. good thing all your blogs are back to normal mommy Rubz. very stressful dyud kaayo to last week. ang nice stuff for the kids ha! i love to buy my kids drawing materials, to motivate them to drawing kaysa cge tan aw ug tv. =)

  5. I am planning to buy some new coloring books for my son too mommy:) but mas gusto ko ata yung mga kulay pink, paano na? magiging bakla anak ko if I bought those ahaha

    gumawa din ako ng entry for PF 🙂 will update the linky later ha…

  6. bought one last week for little zoie too. 🙂
    also, if we want to buy something for ourselves, we always end up buying things for them instead. 😉
    joining this week!

  7. Happy weekend, Mommy! Pahabol po ng entry ko ^^

    At times i do want to buy some coloring books to practice coloring but the time. My daughter who is 14 also stopped looking into coloring books that is why stop na rin akong bumili ng cb para sa kanya.

  8. those are super cute stuffs + look at the little kiddos totally concentrating on their activities? ^_^

    care to share that online shop with us, Mommy Rubz, I’d love to get a McQueen book for my little tot! thanks ^_^

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