PF #11: Pink NEO Laptop

Welcome to another lovely Pink Fridays!!

When my husband and I went to the mall the other day, we were able to pass by a computer shop. Then what caugth my eye was a beautiful Neo pink laptop. It has the similar specifications of the laptop I am selling but has different color.

If only I knew that a Neo pink laptop is already available since June 2008, I should have bought this one instead of the plain black I had back home.

Anyway, I got this picture from someone selling her pink Neo laptop at She is selling it around Php 22,000.


6 thoughts on “PF #11: Pink NEO Laptop

  1. I used to have out bought it sometime last November, upgraded the RAM to 3 gig. It didn’t last long in my possession only a week or so. It couldn’t match the performance of my macbook and I had to sell it otherwise I’d go nuts.

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