PF #12: Pink Pregnant Dress

Again, I am really sorry about last week. Something came up that made me very busy and have kept me away from my blog. I am really sorry from the deepest part of my heart. Hope you find to forgive me. Sorry!

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Now, let’s move on to our Pink Fridays for this week. I saw this lovely pink preggy dress from I really love the style but I guess I don’t have the frontal bumps for it

Then of course, I would like to welcome all our new players. Welcome! Welcome! Hope you enjoy Pink Fridays as much as we do. By the way, congrats to Elai’s Haven and Three Chies’ Trends for being the newest members of our blogroll. Don’t forget to place a badge to shout about Pink Fridays!

Now, here’s Mister Linky, please leave the link to your Pink Fridays’ post. Don’t forget to comment, remember we are a do follow blog! Muahs!

6 thoughts on “PF #12: Pink Pregnant Dress

  1. Hello Mommy Dha, so nice to hear from you. You’re not yet banned. Hope you can play with us soon.

    Welcome Mommy Ethel! Hope to see more of your beautiful pink entries!

    I am so glad I am back Chuchie…I think I need an organizer to remind me.

    Thanks for being so loyal Mommy Carl. Thanks for playing again.

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