PF #16: Pink Resto at FaceBook

Sorry for posting late. I got my problem with my PC and now I am using my ever reliable but slow laptop. So, I needed to create another picture for my entry because I have no access with my data file.

Anyway, in my entry, I am posting a snap shot of my restaurant at FaceBook. I have been playing Restaurant City for a few days now and I am getting attached to it. It's fun and very much a stress-reliever!


  1. chuchie

    Hello Ms. Pink..thanks for reminding me..natuwa kasi ako sa bubble gang… I posted mine..its a pink helmet…i hope you can visit

  2. chuchie

    I haven't tried this game sa facebook..di ko kasi masyado kabisado ang facebook….ang cute naman ng resto mo..very pretty, very pink

  3. Ebie

    I do not see Mr. Linky here!

  4. carlota

    ang cute naman ng resto mo hehehe. hey pahingi ng discount ha?

    my entry is up Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.

  5. My Pink Shoelace

    Hello Pink mama, I've been gone and out but am back hopefully for good. I sure miss Pink Fridays. Btw am having a contest on my blog. Hope you can join.

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