PF #17: Pink Crib and Accessories

I am almost five months pregnant. I haven't gone under an ultrasound again so I am not sure what is the gender of my baby. But if I will be having a baby girl, I would definitely want a pink crib with matching accessories. That would be definitely a hit!

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  1. Zriz

    Hehehehe ako mami kay gusto ko lahi ang color…hehehe pa unique 😀

  2. Ebie

    I'm through with the crib. Maybe for grandchildren?

  3. chuchie

    ang cute naman..pink na pink talaga eh..my Pink Friday is up…medyo late

  4. abie

    Hello..Late PF entry..Sorry…

  5. Kim - Twin Strollers

    As lame as it sounds, I found this searching for baby stroller info. Kim

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