PF # 202: Pink Mobile Phone

Last week, I was able to buy a mobile phone at Multiply via the gift certificate I got when I attended their event here in Cagayan de Oro. I bought the mobile phone because I promised my godchild that I will give him one on his birthday. I intended to order a red/black combination because the user is a he but when it arrived, it was fushia pink/black. I was thinking that I will use the mobile phone instead of giving it to him but I asked him first if he wants it or not. So, my second year high school godchild came over our house to check the mobile phone. Though it was in pink, he still liked it. He said what is important is that he could text his friends now. Glad he liked it!

10 thoughts on “PF # 202: Pink Mobile Phone

  1. what a pretty mobile Momi Ruby 🙂 I love it’s color 🙂 I also bought my Mom this kind of cell phone but she has the red color 🙂 Dropping by from Pink Fridays.

  2. ahh hehehe pagka feminine sa cellphone… pero cge ra at least nanay magamit mag text sa friendships…

  3. I think he is a good kid mommy Ruby. good to know that he likes it. what is important to him is the communication.

  4. Wow! Super bait naman ni ninang, hehe! Good that he liked it despite the girly color. At least he has a cellphone na. 🙂

  5. i have tried a number of times, but for some reasons the linky won’t accept my image 🙁

    anyhoo, i quite like this pink mobile phone, it still looks cool, no wonder your godson still likes it. you are one generous godmomma! 😉

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