PF # 203: Pink Digital Camera

Friday is here! Hurray! And guess what?! I can’t wait to show-off my new digital camera! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have a new PINK digital camera!! This is my treat to myself. I wanted a DSLR but since I don’t have the money and it is so bulky, I consoled myself with this PINK digital camera from Samsung. Besides, I got this at zero interest for 6 months installment! LOL!!!

pink samsung st66

So, what do you think? Isn't my digital camera a cutie? Share your thoughts below and your pinkness this week!


  1. Jessica Cassidy

    yay! congrats for the pink Samsung camera Momi Ruby 🙂 that looks sweet and pretty 🙂 Than you for hosting the Pink Fridays.

  2. Kayce

    Wow! congrats on your new cutie pink camera Mommy! Super nice kaayo cya ai 🙂 pila palit nimo ani Mommy?

  3. princesses

    pretty! enjoy your new camera and take good pics for us to see!

  4. Emotera goddess

    Ayay! Nice and cute camera mommy! I so like it coz its flat and has 16 MP, my Kodak camera has 14MP only. Take a picture of me on our next meet-up. 🙂
    Enjoy Clicking on your new Cam! #PF

  5. Arlene

    congratulations, mommy! cute nga!

    happy clicking ha!

  6. teJan's Mestizas pretty..grattis mommy:)

  7. Nancy

    zero interest for 6 months? that's a pretty good deal… asa na dapit mommy kay mangutang sad ko, hehe..

  8. zoan

    cuteeee:D dli sa ko gusto mangutang maskin naibog kaau ko ehehe kay murag lang, asta nako daghana utang na:( kinhanglan ipang pay off sa nako lol

  9. zoan

    I made a post for PF too 🙂 forgot to put it in the linky kasi ang hirap ng connection dito now:(

  10. emzkie

    its super cutie! i love it! i want one too.. but hubby might think im crazy. lol

  11. Tina

    I love that camera too.. I tried that before. am waiting for more moolah so I could buy another digital camera.. bringing a DSLR is so bulky.

  12. the womom

    Yeyyy! congrats momi! i love your new camera! Makagwapa og samot. hehehehe..Me and Bella will have so much fun with it! 🙂

  13. jared's mum

    that's really quite a handy + fab camera! + very convenient to tote around, too! ^_^

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