PF # 204: Pastel Colored Building Blocks with a Pink Bag

To those who joined PINK FRIDAYS last week, thank you so very much!! I am so happy that you continue to patronize our weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) meme for the love of PINK!

And now for my entry… my daughters and I went shopping at Unitop yesterday. We bought blouses, t-shirts, bras and Bella’s toy found below. Bella loves building blocks. So she asked of me to buy this one for her. 🙂

building blocks

Before opening the toy, she knows that it is essential to take a photo of it and of course for her to strike a pose!

Bella and her building blocks

How about you? Share your pinkness this week!

7 thoughts on “PF # 204: Pastel Colored Building Blocks with a Pink Bag

  1. she’s getting so big now! Oh, she will absolutely love those building blocks i can see it with her smile! 🙂 Joining for the first time!

  2. yay! new pink blocks for Bella 🙂 nahan baya ko sa Uni Top Momi Ruby ky daku kaau 🙂 diha sad mi nagpalit ug gamit 🙂 Dropping by from Pink Fridays 🙂

  3. wow, my son loves building blocks too, kaso nawawala ung iba:D dati LEGO kami, eh d na maafford kaya magkasya nalang tyo sa mura na the same lang din:)

  4. This is my second meme for Pink Fridays! 🙂 I need to get it into my system to prepare my post before Friday hehe.. Wow, Bella has pink toy with a bag! Show them off to me when I go there ha! 🙂

  5. My Justine also loves building blocks Ive already both several from DD and Ororama. 🙂 It is good a toy because it enhances Justine’s imagination on building anything. 🙂 #PF

  6. aw.. ka cute ni bella. kasabot dyud sya na picturan. hehehe.. kami pud sa akong bana pag mangaon sa restaurant, dili gud dayon niya kaunon iyang pagkaon, kay kabalo man sya na ako pang picturan ang iyang pagkaon. hahaha…

    pero nice dyud kaau ang gipili ni Bella na toy. =)

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