PF # 208: My Little One’s Pink Dress

Hello Guys!! Itโ€™s been awhile since we had PINK FRIDAYS. The last one was in 2013. At that time, I was really hoping that PF will continually be posted every week. But, due to unforeseen circumstances, it was discontinued for a long time. To all those who patiently waited and loyal participants to Pink Fridays, thank you so much.

And now weโ€™re back! Not from outer space, but just from a long hiatus. And this time we are hoping to have one up every Friday.

Now, let gets the ball rolling!! Share your entry using the linky below. Don’t forget to grab PINK FRIDAYS BADGE and include it on your post too.

As for my entry, here is a photo of my youngest daughter in her PINK DRESS. After church, we went to fetch her eldest sister who was attending prom at that time. While waiting, we took a few photos with her PINK DRESS.

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6 thoughts on “PF # 208: My Little One’s Pink Dress

  1. Awe, that’s such a cute picture of your daughter. I love the sash and flowers near the top of the neckline. She looks very happy to be in her pink dress.

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