PF #22: Pink Dress or Bag?

This is really cool! I was searching online for a pink baby dress but I was able to stumble upon this beautiful pink thingy! Guess what it is? Is it a dress or a bag? Actually, it’s kind of both. 🙂

This cute pink dress party favor bag is a giveaway loot bag for baby shower party goers! Isn’t it adorable? I wish I could have this given if somebody would just throw me a baby shower! Hehehehe…

Anyway, what do you have for Pink Fridays? Share by commeting below!


  1. chuchie

    wow, this is so so cute….love this lil pink dress.. mine is up too

  2. abie

    Wow! A lovely dress for your coming baby Bella.

  3. Pink Mama Post author

    Thanks for joining Pink Fridays! 😀

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