PF #4: Pink Fireworks

This post should have been the first for January 2, 2009 but my forgetfulness have struck me again. To be honest, I really did forget that it was already time for Pink Fridays. Definitely my bad!

Welcome to Pink Fridays and Happy New Year to all of you!! So, to start of our brand new year with Pink Fridays, here is a lovely display of pink fireworks!

See, how beautiful pink looks in a dark clear sky? By the way, I guess you would agree with me that pink and black combination is quite an awesome theme!

By the way, let us welcome our latest regular players for Pink Fridays.

People with Cameras


Welcome guys! Hope you can play with us all year through this 2009. 🙂


2 thoughts on “PF #4: Pink Fireworks

  1. Oooh, Very pretty!

    I forgot too, lol. But I had set the post to automatically post itself and when I looked at the blog I was surprised to see it there!haha

    The holidays have me all confused 😉

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