PF #49: Pink Baby Mosquito Net

My baby is getting a lot of mosquito bites lately. Though we live with closed doors because of the use of an air conditioning unit, we still have a lot of mosquito’s flying inside our room. So to prevent from unwanted bites and sicknesses, I decided to buy a mosquito net for my baby. Of course, in pink!

baby mosquito net

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4 thoughts on “PF #49: Pink Baby Mosquito Net

  1. Thanks for the linky! I had a hard time finding pick though but lookee, I got one. 🙂

    a href=””>Dogs at Eastwood

  2. Thank you so much for share about this I want to cover my baby with baby In baby sleeping bag with 2 side flaps with zip inside one plastic sheet…!!

  3. Cute little pink mosquito net! Consider to have mozitrap.

    By using carbon dioxide to lure the mosquitoes it requires no harmful chemicals. In addition to it’s beneftis for catching mosquitoes MoziTrap also acts as a purifier and deodouriser.

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