PF #5: Pink Flower

It’s Pink Fridays once again! Welcome pink lovers and participants. Hope you join us today since we were lonely last week.

Anyway, I have something original today. I personally took the picture of my entry today. I am a bit of a homebody but since I wanted to smell fresh air, I went outside our front yard. Guess what?! I was shocked to see pink flowers growing from the old green plant. So I grab my digicam and took a snapshot of it. So, how about you? What have you in stored for Pink Fridays??

Don’t forget to leave your entry here and some comment too! Remember, Pink Thoughts is a “dofollow” blog!!

4 thoughts on “PF #5: Pink Flower

  1. wow that is a beautiful flower. mine is up please check it out… wink* … I thought it’s already PF #5…I’ve been playing ever since it started. I will check my posts for PF.

    Take care and happy weekend.

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