PF #58: Pink Mama

Yes! That is MOI!! I am HOT Pink Mama of Pink Thoughts! I just thought that I should introduce myself formally. Hehehehe…

Anyway, I am really sorry I was not able to visit your entries last week. I got my hands full with so many things to do. But don’t worry, will visit them over the weekend and that is a PROMISE I won’t BREAK!!

When you submit your entry today, may I ask one tiny bitty favor from you guys?? Please comment if you have added one of our badges at your blog and which blog because if you did, you are in for a great treat!! I will add them to our Pink Fridays Blogroll!! Free pink link juice to everyone!! So please, don’t forget to comment, will add them up over the weekend too.

Without further ado… post your Pink Fridays away!!


  1. Trish

    Hot Mama nga etoh! hehehe. Mommy Rubz, I placed the badge code dun sa badge page ng aking blog. When I joined last week, nilagay ko na yun dun.

    Happy Pink Friday! 🙂

  2. Joahna Vern

    has added the badge mommyrubz in my What's Inside Joahna's Heart blog at

    and yeah! you're such a hot cool momma over there! 🙂 Keep it up! 🙂

  3. Shy

    Kaya naman pala kina iinggitan, look at you hotta hotta momma, hehe nice pose mars hehe. sali itong family blog sa pinas ko

  4. shengkay

    naks!,,super pose si mommy rubie..the nail?!!!!

    added the badge on my one of mt fave meme I join..

    happy pink fridays everyone!

  5. Shy

    submitted my other entry mars. btw, added the pink badge sa blog ko at…..

  6. clavs

    Love your pink friday, I am joining now and grab your badge already.

  7. dothy

    I love the nails and the blouse! I've added the badge on my sidebar Princess Wannabe. Thanks!

  8. Bambs dear

    fab momma :p Happy weekend..

    added the pinkfridays badge in page 🙂

  9. aine

    My first pink entry! 🙂 placed your badge on my sidebar.. 🙂

  10. Rossel

    wow, you're very pretty in pink, Mommy Rubz. I like your blouse too. it's sexy! woot woot!

    the pink badge is on the sidebar of this site.

  11. genefaith

    you're indeed a pink hot mama!

    badge is already on my sidebar..Happy Friday!

  12. Green Dei

    Off-shoulder top is really hot! 🙂
    2nd time to join and badge is up already. So much thanks Mommy Rubz

  13. Green Dei

    Re-tangled is up for PF. 🙂

  14. Gene

    ang hot mama naman ni Mommy Rubz!

    First time joining Pink Fridays, right on time na rin sa wakas, And added the badge in my blog.

  15. redamethyst

    naks! sexy pink mama! first time to join here. added your badge sa badge pages

  16. Mona

    wow, ang taray ng pose indeed hot mama 🙂
    my first time to join this meme 🙂
    added the badge in my sidebar na rin, thanks.

  17. Lulu

    Wow hot momma indeed!

    Added the badge on my blog (!

  18. bambie

    hi mommy rubz! joining for the 3rd straight time. yay! 😀 have also added the badge on the right side bar of My Online Journeys. 🙂

  19. Bheng

    Nice to meet you po here in blogging world!

    I love your pink meme! First time to join and added badge on my sidebar.

    Thankz and Happy Weekend!!!

  20. cheerful

    joining again, yipee! wow, hot mama, that top looks really nice and sexy! 🙂 btw, i added the pink thoughts badge at PinayMum, thanks! 🙂

  21. Cecile

    ka seksi lang sa pink 🙂

  22. Jadeingua

    Hi Mommy Ruby! It's my first post for this Meme!
    I grabbed the badge and already place it my blog!
    Your so pretty in your pink top! At panalo ang pose ha! 😀

  23. shengkay

    yay! done my round til #26

  24. melandriaromero

    wow, lovely mommy in pink.

    My contest is up now sis, hope you can join too.

    Beauty and Blogging Giveaway
    Our pink entry
    Men in Pink


  25. Roxxy

    Hello, new here and posted my first Pink Friday entry =) like your nails they look so kikay!

  26. edsie

    hi mommy rubz.. i have one of the badges of pink friday in my sidebar.. happy pink friday!!!

    Whims and Views

  27. Dhadha

    Hi mommy! Posted my entries! Anyway, I already placed the badges on my 2 sites, and (under blogroll) Check nyo lang po. Thanks! 😉

    Btw, bagay sau yung pink & black off shoulder na binili mo from Kerstin's Closet. Hehehe! 🙂

    Happy PF! 🙂

  28. kayce

    hi hottie pinky momma!I love that pose! hehehe.. my entry is up too mommy! I also placed the badge on my blog's sidebar.

    thanks much! mwah

  29. peppermayo

    first time joining Pink Fridays, Mommy Rubz! badge is up on my sidebar!

  30. Nadine

    Hi ate! Wow you finally introduced yourself! Haha I was really surprised when I found out I knew before not knowing I knew you before (okay, i hope that made sense) anyway I've placed a badge on my site now and here's my sooo late post!

  31. Arlene

    ka hot pink mama ba jud uy! i love your nails. =)

    humahabol amiga mo, mommy! hehehe

  32. air

    done @ 22

    will be back again

  33. jared's mum

    now off to see the pink stuffs^^

  34. jared's mum

    glad i made it before the linky your pink blouse mommy rubz
    have the badge on my sidebar

  35. jared's mum

    glad i made it before the linky closes. love your pink blouse mommy rubz.
    i have the meme badge on my sidebar^^

  36. air

    sis bambie @24

    waahh napahirap pong magcomment sa site nio

  37. Carlota

    waaaahh late na pala si ako 🙂 … ok lang i'm still going to post it. 🙂

  38. Sheng

    done with my pink friday entry….nice top dear.

  39. shengkay

    done my round!!!!!!yes! hapit na naman PF!

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