PF #59: Pink Fabulous Surprise

Sorry for being LATE, but I thought I could make it on time for a surprise… but no. So I am leaving you this and will announce it later…

Post your Pink Fridays away!!

24 thoughts on “PF #59: Pink Fabulous Surprise

  1. hahaha! 1st and i thought i was late! excited about the surprise…now i may not be able to sleep thinking about it! happy pink fridays! 🙂

  2. haha, kaya pala wala ka pang post because you are waiting for the winners. sensya na ang bibilis naming gumawa ng entry. kagabi pa ito kaso now ko lang nalink. mukhang hindi na talag natutulog mga mommies sa PMB. dami ng nauna sa akin. =)

  3. Happy Pink Friday. Ooh, i have waited this last thursday till midnight. LOL. Anyway hope you can join answering my mommy survey too.

    Mom’s Survey

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