PF #62: Pink Birthday Girl

Last Wednesday was my eldest daughter’s birthday. Micah Izabel turned 11 years old. Since pink is one of her favorite colors, this Pink Mama got her a pink dress and a pink shoes as well. So when her birthday party came, she was a pretty pink gal to behold!!

Again, please be reminded that all entries submitted here are qualified to gain one point at our on going Pink Fabulous Giveaways! So if you haven’t joined yet, you should do now! 😀

49 thoughts on “PF #62: Pink Birthday Girl

  1. i ? ? ? micah’s dress and shoes! so pink. it’s exactly like how i envisioned it when you mentioned in facebook that you bought her a dress and shoes to boot. parang debutante lang eh. 🙂 pretty! joining PF today! 😉

  2. waaaahhh! mommy rubz…i still can’t get the heart right. hmpt. kalurkey. basta. i love, love, love na nga lang!

  3. what a lovely lady in pink.. GOD BLESS YOU. and wish u all the best in life
    Happy PF everyone.. hope u can visit my entry and follow my blog
    thanks ^.^

  4. yey, natuloy din. hope she feels better now. pretty birthday girl. mukha syang dalaga sa pictures nya. look-alike mo mommy.

    hindi ko malink yung entry ko. under maintenance daw ang inlinkz. will be back na lang later.

  5. Parang hindi halatang pinaghandaan ng sobra ng mommy! hi, hi, I bet mas excited ka pa kesa kay Micah. Naku ganyan ang feeling ko pag malapit na ang birthday ni Peachy!

    Hope you can join us again this monday for Monday Green Meme


  6. sharing my pink loots here. I thought i could not make it this week , i have a false labor last night.

  7. Wow. 🙂 nice pink dress. 🙂 murag nag-debut! 🙂 belated happy birthday. 🙂
    Indeed, ur children r blessed to have u. 🙂

    Happy Pink Friday. 😉

  8. ang ganda, looks great to her, galing ni mommy! may dalaga ka na. happy birthday ulit kay micah izabel! PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…wishing you a great weekend! 🙂

  9. I so love Micah’s dress and sandals! its so cute and so girly! bagay na bagay talaga sa kanya ang pink mommy rubz! she looks so dalaga na talaga.. ^_^

    my entry is up too mommy! thanks much!

  10. wow!!! as in so pink..i like the shoes..dalaga na jud sya bisag fink..heheh! happy borthday once again to your iha ruby!

  11. Belated happy birthday pretty Micah 🙂

    dropping by mommy rubs.. Ill definitely join next week 🙂 medyo na shock lang kasi sa mga pangyayari.. mwah

  12. was here for PF kaya lang wala pa post. so many participants…now i’m seriously considering if i should start PURPLE SATURDAYS or PURPLE WEDNESDAYS. whatchathink?

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