PF #65: Pink Gifts

Supposedly, I was to feature my token from the recently concluded PMC Grand EB but since I know most moms are so apt in posting it, I decided to feature another – my daughter's gift from her birthday last month. LOL!!

As you can see, all her gifts are pink or with a shades of pink. Aren't they a cutie?!!

The announcement of WINNERS for my Pink Fabulous Giveaways will be delayed in a few days. April 10 is the tentative schedule for the announcement of winners.

Pink Fridays' entries up?? Submit them now!!


  1. Rossel

    yey, nauna din ako. ang daming gifts but i love the art scissors. maganda yan, Mommy or is it just me kase mahilig ako sa arts?

  2. mama

    mommy how do i join pink fridays?

  3. January

    My second PF is up! wink*

  4. mommy jes

    Yay! pinkies! :)) Love the gifts!! talagang pink lahat ah! πŸ˜€
    mjine is up ung website n ni ishi gamit ko kasi nmn gamit nya lagi ko entry πŸ˜€

  5. Bambs dear

    those are nice gifts especially the books, pero cute sila lahat πŸ™‚

  6. Dhemz

    ay ang cute naman nang gifts nya….so pinky!

  7. grace

    very adventurous entry ko…hehehehehe

  8. Charlotte's Mom

    wow sooo cute naman pink lahat:-)

  9. dorry lyn

    cute and nice stuff πŸ™‚
    Happy PF

  10. grace

    It's another pinky Friday… love your pinks…

  11. grace

    My adventurous pink…

  12. Jadeingua

    For sure,pag girl ang anak,umuulan ng pink πŸ˜€

    Happy Pink Friday!

  13. vhen

    ang cute nmn mga yan hehehe

  14. Chris

    i am sure she loved her gifts! πŸ˜€

  15. Green Dei

    I like the gifts, fits for my tote =)

  16. Green Dei

    I'm on at #19 & # 20, will check our your pinkies girls. Thanks God it's Friday! =)

  17. Green Dei

    Mommy Rubz, can I joined in your PMC group? =)

  18. Mona

    Daming pink stuff so cutie ….

  19. vernz

    Wow, so dami-dami naman… love that scissors..

  20. aliz

    I am sure,super saya nya. ang ganda ng mga gifts nya,I like the 1st Bible.

  21. tejan

    oooppss! nasaag ako comment..waaahhhhahah! tua sa ubos nga post:) happy PF sis! mine is up!

  22. Arlene

    Hello everyone! At last i got my entry in,

    I will visit you this weekend. okey?

    Take care everyone!

  23. Cookie

    your daughter's gifts were so nice. I'm sure she was so happy to receive all of these.

  24. Chie Wilks

    ang dadami at ang kikikay ng gifts…halos nga lahat pink

  25. genny

    hay, thanks God I am able to post my entry this week. I love the wallet gift there. lovely stuffs for little girl.

    btw mommy rubz, i am new sa PF pwede ba ako makasali sa giveaways na ito? 7 pa kasi post ko dito.:-( ty

  26. Hyanne

    They are so cute, love the magnetic board game esp., the snake game.

  27. kat

    hehe puro may pink ang gifts hehe

  28. Gene

    I think if my daughter received the 18-in-1 magnetic game board, for sure makikipag-agawan ako, hahaha! Oh, I see something for the toe nails, so kikay!

  29. cheerful

    beautiful gifts…ang daming goodies, i'm sure that she's very happy and pleased to have it all! but that 18-in-1 magnetic game was really nice, great for children, she can play with her siblings, even with mum and dad. happy weekend!

  30. stef

    Lotsa Pink stuff! Very nice! Happy PF!

  31. Hazelicious

    Wow! Gifts galore. Pink really makes us happy especially little girls. Happy Weekend! Mine is up – My PF Entry

  32. Sheila

    muntik ng malate sa akin marz heheheehe. featured ko dun and shoes ni Bella, walang nahalungkat hehe

  33. Sheila

    Mine is up, i really forgot to post earlier hahaha

  34. C5 @ C5 Says Again

    Ngayon lang makakapagfblog-hop…

  35. seth

    done blog hopping to all πŸ™‚

  36. mama

    hay i am enjoying this! i wonder why i never noticed this before! πŸ˜€

  37. Willa @ The Smart Shopper

    I'm sure enjoy lahat si Ate Micah sa mga pink pressies na natanggap nya!

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