PF #7: Pink Blouse

It’s another week for Pink Fridays! And guess what?! We got new players last week. Let’s welcome Mamapippa from Belgium!

Of course, we would like to acknowledge our new addition to our blog JoyD of When Mom Talks! Welcome Mommy Joy. 🙂

And now for my entry for this week, I saw this fabulous pink blouse worn by the studding actress Jessica Alba. When I saw her blouse, it made me think if I would look great in it with my bulging tummy. 😀

Thanks to for this lovely photo.

2 thoughts on “PF #7: Pink Blouse

  1. I already added your badge before ,, but I did not notice that it wasnt working pala… the link is not showing up … But anyway ,, I joined this week …

  2. opps I had you blog up all night.

    Sorry this is kind of late. I posted mine already.

    oh i love that pink blouse and would look good on me if i have the body hahaha.

    Happy Monday and enjoy your week.

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