PF #71: Pink Rabbit Bank

Sorry for posting late and I know some of you know why…

Anyway, here is my other pink piggy rabbit bank. I bought this last year during Easter Season. I fell in love with it that is why I immediately bought it. But now, it doesn't serve its purpose because my daughter Bella Grace has taken hold of it as on of her toys. LOL!!!


  1. peachkins


  2. Chris

    such a cute piggy!

    i cant seem to add my link can you help me? i will try again later too..

  3. mommy jes

    waahhahahah may rabbit bank k n nman!! ;)) nabasag n b yan? how are you?

  4. Mirage

    hala, saan na si pink piggy bank?? waaaaaaah nono!

  5. mixed catcher

    cuteness melody bank! πŸ™‚

    I hope you can take a look at my PINK Tulips and a Spring Poem. Have a beautiful weekend! πŸ™‚

  6. mama

    hihi that is cute nga! πŸ˜€ but it;s sooo small! you should have a bigger one! hehehe

  7. chubskulit

    That's very cute!

  8. Ewa

    HI, that's my first time linking here, thank you for hosting πŸ™‚

  9. Clarissa

    kawaii!My kids would love to play with it too for it's cute^_^

  10. Lainy

    Nice one Mommy Rubz!

  11. seth

    visiting here for the PF!!! πŸ™‚

  12. Jenny

    akala ko picture lang talaga pero sayo pala talaga yan…hehehe ang cute and i love the pink color..

    my PF is up now..ty

  13. Pink MagaLine

    PInk coin bank. Wala pa ako nyan. Hihi. I collect pink stuff also you know. Love ng anak ko yan sis. Visiting here from PMC.

  14. Dhemz

    ay ang cute naman…parang postcard eh…ehehhee!

  15. Emm

    Oh, super cute! makes saving money more exciting! cheers!

  16. tejan

    ahahha..cute naman ni bunny bank naging toy
    mine is up:) dami agad!

  17. 2 princesses

    was here earlier but no posting for PF entry yet, so I am back and looks like I am kinda late hehe. anyways, that's too cute to be a piggy bank, no wonder your daughter likes it.

    and here's mine, please take a peek at it Deal On Vitamins

  18. genny

    very cute rabbit bank….meron na katapat si piggy si rabbit.hehehhe

  19. Keanna

    Cute rabbit bank is really a nice toy ..for kids like me…hehe!

  20. Mona

    Wow, so cute naman ng rabbit pink na pink!

  21. Stef

    It's ok mommy! PF is worth the wait. Everyone just love Pink Fridays! I like that bunny coin bank as well. Here's mine.

  22. Chie Wilks

    ka nice, this is my first time seeing a rabbit back hehehe..usuaylly piggy bank lang.

    visiting u here mommyRubz

  23. Ritchelle

    That's pretty!

    It is my first time here, Looking forward to more memes in the future πŸ™‚

  24. anne

    Oh poor rabbit but anyway it serves its purpose with your baby though, her own toy hehehe.

  25. dorry lyn

    wow it's so cute πŸ™‚ mommy rubz meron bang light blue na ganyan?

    late pf visit .. mine is up

    want to ask a favor . please leave a comment on this post

    many thanks.. ur comment will help a lot

  26. arcee

    i'm finally joining, yehey:) here's mine:…see u around

  27. Shydub

    Thats really a cute wabbit heheh

  28. Made By Gen

    Oh my entry is late but i can catch up…Mine is up.

  29. Green Dei

    Nice rabbit.

  30. cheerful

    that's a cute one, gandang accent sa easter decorations…joining late and sorry for missing lat week meme, but happy to be back! happy weekend, everyone!

  31. pinkim(kim wright)

    Hi There, I am a pink blogger too and I just discovered you! I will be joining you next Friday…I am excited…There is a Pink Saturday that I do if you want to check out my pink Saturday post here it is…TrulySimplyPink I think you blog is just lovely! i have subscribed by email and liike forward to future posts!
    Hope you stop by…from a follow Pink Person…Pinkim

  32. shengkay

    huhu..was not able to link..nag weekend getaway kami ng mambukal..pero may entry ako..kaya lang late na si linky..

  33. jackie

    mommy rubz two of my entry kay la na nakasulod wala man jud koy net if weekend… sa next friday na lang to nako ilink ha.. hmwwah!

  34. Anne

    I missed PF last week… Internet was down for 5 days. πŸ™

  35. Willa

    may playmate na pala si Pink Piggy!

  36. Hazelicious

    Ahhh Ang cute!

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