PF #72: Pink Nebulizer

Most of the bloggers who knew me very well especially in PMC knew that I was pretty much hard up for many weeks until now. Our move drained us financially and then my children experienced asthma attacks for weeks. Aside from that, I got sick too.

The good thing about having a community that cares is that they lend a hand in anyway they can. Last week, they helped me get up in every little ways for them to contribute. Their “big in heart” contributions landed me this PINK NEBULIZER. I was able to pay for this nebulizer because of the love they bestowed upon me.

Thank you PMC mommies!! My children can now have an immediate relief every time their asthma attacks! Love you guys!!

34 thoughts on “PF #72: Pink Nebulizer

  1. pink nebulizer? ang cute naman!!!! grabe pati yan pala may color! amin is dull gray. but oh well as long as it works! TGIF!

  2. that is a very pretty nebulizer. which reminds me, we also need to buy one since ours wouldn’t operate anymore since last week 🙁 how much did you get this one for?

  3. I am happy that you were able to buy one finally. I have asthma too so I know how hard it is kapag umaatake. We have nebulizer too, si hubby bumili, Natawa ako kase pati nebulizer mo pink…ehehe.

  4. You deserve a lot of love Marz. I am glad I met you and spent time with you for real. PMC is awesome, thanks to you. And enough with the drama… your pink nebulizer rocks!

  5. yoohoo! 3rd honor ko..hehe. that’s a cute nebulizer but God forbid, i pray i can’t buy one ever for my kids, not in this lifetime! that’s scary.. hope your kids will be ok mommy! thanks for everything pala!

  6. wow ang bait naman at pinahiram ka ng Nebulizer..
    I remember before when my nephew’s asthma attack him,super hirap siya huminga…kawawa tingnan no? Pero nawala lang nong lumaki na siya..
    Girly Nebulizer pa nahiram mo..cute

    My PF is up now..thanks

  7. I feel for you. I’ve been through financial difficulties last year. It is quite harder if somebody in the family got sick.

    Good thing there is PMC. I was not able reach out through monetary contribution. All I can do is to pray for your children fast recovery with the help of the Pink Nebulizer.

    God Bless at get well soon to you and your precious ones. mwuahhh!

  8. love and helping hands come in different forms and faces.. you deserve it mommy! pero cute.. naa diay ani heheh love it.

  9. kakatuwa tlga, i wonder where did u get that pink neb? while most nebs comes in whites, yours was meant to be in ur fave color.
    hoped the kids’ fine now and, u too. take care.

  10. wow, the nebulizer that’s destined for you is finally featured 🙂 glad to join in the 2nd time…thanks!

  11. Oh GOSH! that is a nice NEBULIZER sis!! youre such a certifird PINK addict!!! pati b m nebulizer whahahah :)) so cute! 🙂

  12. ako mommy rubz always in financial deserve all the love that PMC show to you..your one generous person too..

    ..and that nebulizer is so kikay!

  13. wow very cute 🙂 I am asthmatic too and my second daughter, we have inhaler puff when ever our asthma will attack..

    sorry for the late post

  14. A helping hand from PMC mommies, truly you can gained concerns and friends thru blogging, hope your kids are okay. Got the same health problem also with my daughter, the nebulizer helps a lot on easing the asthma problems. Keep cool! 🙂

  15. yung iba dito sumasali pero wala ng mang indication na its for PInk Friday like #40..hehehe..wala lang..sinipag kasi ako lahat binisita ko..

  16. wow! done till 59..pero yung walang PF badge..hindi rin ako nagleave ng comment..hehehe..para fair..

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