PF #74: Pink Flower

I was taking pictures for my Wednesday Whites entry when I spot this Pink Flower. Since I am not a flower enthusiast, I don’t know the name of it. If you have an idea, please comment. Thanks!

Anyway, I love flowers and full bloom greenery in our backyard. It so happen that I don’t know their names. I just like them there just like this pink flower.

26 thoughts on “PF #74: Pink Flower

  1. desert rose ang ngalan ani mommy.. mao ni ang bulak sa akong MIL kay tamad mangdilig.. hahaha.. was here…

  2. I am having a hard time commenting in the participants’ blog. so am trying my luck here. i dunno where the problem lies, the browser or the blog itself. wala akong makita na na comment box sa entry # 2. I cant see profile choices in entry # 1. 🙁

  3. pretty awesome:) don’t know the name too. basin sakto si Vernz, desert rose, pwde ra guro di buboan tubig sulod sa 2 ka bulan LOL will try to make my entry for pinkthoughts ehehe

  4. Kalachuchi man guro ni, murag. Modern lang sya! Lol. Puti ra man akong nailhan nga kalachuchi.

    Naa koy pink entries, mommy. Hinaut mabisita nimo inig naa ka time.
    House on the Rock
    Pink Hyacinth
    Thanks and see you! 🙂

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