PF #75: New Pink Blog

Thank you so much for all those who joined Pink Fridays last week. As usual, I was not able to visit. I will try to visit in the future. It’s just I haven’t found the perfect strategy to organize my life. Hagardo Versosa is my beauty! Nyahahaha…

Anyway, here is my pink entry – another pink blog that I am adding to my busy life!! If you remember my Pink Piggy Bank, well… finally, I have a blog inspired by her. If you like, you can visit and follow… you might learn or even teach me how to live a life of thriftiness and to pursue financial freedom!

23 thoughts on “PF #75: New Pink Blog

  1. Hello Dhemz!

    Indeed you are correct. I need luck on this. Not only on blogging but on being thrifty. Hehehe….

    Visited your entry na din pala!

  2. oy in another blog sis?..perti oi:)

    gonna visit there and of course will be another job well done!

  3. it’s lucky 9 entry:) this is my third and will continue on joining.

    will definitely check the piggy site:)

  4. Joining again today after a long hiatus from PF. 😛 Congratulations on your new blog! 🙂

  5. submitted my entry. di mgsilbi ang piggybank sa amo. we keep getting the coins to use it for taxi/motorela fare, hehehe…

  6. joining again. i’m sure it will be another great blog to check-out…congrats. have a great weekend! 🙂

  7. Congrats on your new blog mommy.. 🙂 inspired by janet.. 🙂 love the pink piggy! OInk oink! Poink poink!!

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