PF #78: Pink Heart

Last Mother's Day 2011, my eldest daughter gave me two handmade cards and this was one of them. It says…

Dear Mommy Ruby, Thank u 4 being a great mother to me. And being protective and caring to us. We love u so much, I know that this is not much 4 what u have done 2 us. I love u. Happy Mother's Day Love, Micah

Her message was so sweet! She indeed have grown up as you can see by the way she carefully uses words.

Now, for those who missed it, I already announced the winners of the Pink Fridays Five Dollar Weekly Giveaway last week. The winners were Vhen and Annie. Congrats!!!

Here is a review of the simple mechanics for Pink Fridays Five Dollar Weekly Giveaway: Just play Pink Fridays as usual, I will use RANDOM.ORG List Randomizer to select two winners each week. Winners for each week will be announced on or before Wednesday thereafter. Participant can only win once per week. So… what are you waiting for? Join now! Let’s play Pink Fridays!!

For this week's Pink Fridays participants, submit your entries now!!!


  1. mama

    ka sweet ni ate micah!!! makes you really proud to be mommy no? 😀

  2. jared's mum

    will be down to work on my entry…just wondering mommy, how do you make those quote boxes? i'd love to use it on my blog but do now know how to, TIA 😀

  3. Willa @ The Smart Shopper

    You raised a good daughter mars….:)

  4. chiewilks

    it is so sweet of your daughter MommyRubz. ang galing na niya mag-English

  5. Dhemz

    awwwwwwww…so sweet! mau naman kau mo iningles…ehehehe!

  6. clavs

    That is so sweet of her…I have 2 entries for today's PF, I hope I win this time lol!

  7. vhen

    how sweet! very sweet 🙂

    Happy PF!

  8. Mama Vernz Theory

    awww… so sweet naman Mommy.. joining this week 🙂

  9. SheWritesYouWrite

    sweet sweet ba!

  10. Yannie

    Sweet and thoughtful….

    Wow ha!!! May $5 giveaways pa…. Exciting

  11. Chris

    what a sweet letter for a great mom! 😀

  12. arcee

    sweet naman…can't wait to get such messages when Rem grows older:) nga pala, sana manalo rin ako sa PF giveaway mommy R.:))

  13. Iris by Shengkay

    wow! 36 na kagad?! bilis naman..daming may pink virus ah..

    hehehehe..joning here again..

  14. tejan

    waahh..grabe pang 39th na ako:)

    wow..seet naman girl mo sis..huhuhu:) good day!

  15. A Woman's Note

    Awwww…maka tunaw ug heart sa ka sweetan ng daughter. I'm playing. Have a great weekend Rubz.

  16. nicquee

    I am sure you are a very proud mom! Micah is really sweet and at a young age, she knows how to appreciate all her mama's hard work. And she knows it is for the family. 🙂

  17. mommy-jheng

    So sweet! My little girl is like that too! I guess, it's we moms, who also influence them to be like that!

    Joining for PF!


  18. Mona

    how sweet … i hope i can get that kind of message when my little Kyla learns to write 🙂

  19. My Online Journeys

    Weeeh! 2nd straight week! Sana tuloy-tuloy na. Better late than never!

    The card is so touching. So sweet of Ate Micah. I suddenly missed my sister's youngest daughter. That niece of mine used to give me small notes and hand-made cards when they were still here. 🙁

  20. nuts

    aawww. so sweet.. nakaka melt naman.. am sure tanggal lahat ng pagod pag ganyan naresib na card.

  21. Carlota

    awwww soooo sweet!

  22. Tina

    wow ang sweet naman ng iyong little dalaga…

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