PF # 81: Think Green! Use a Pink Bag!

First, I would like to apologize for the delay. Aside from the DTI buzz issues around the Philippine Blogosphere, I am currently having some marital storms right now and since it is too sad to talk about, I am not going to focus on it. LOL!!!

As for the winners, will announce it later… I am recharging my digital camera. πŸ™‚

Now, for our Pink Fridays…

Last Monday was my birthday and I got something from the mail!!! Yes, this pink bag made of materials from nature and it came from my green advocate mommy friend Ria of My Green Living Ideas. Thank you so much Mommy!! You really made my day extra special!!!


  1. Bene

    cute po ng bag…ganda ng colors.

  2. Mommy Jes

    Oh so cutie bag naman nyan πŸ˜€

  3. Keanna

    Oh this came all the way from Bicol! Nice bag!

  4. Mel Cole

    Wow, Happy Birthday again Mommy Yuki. Nice eco bag. Bait ni Mommy Melandira.

  5. joyfulmom

    Hi Mommy Rubz, what can I say…you're a strong woman, whatever comes your way, kaya mo yan…I was hoping to make you joyful on your birthday but I got sick…bawi ako pag luwas mo ng Manila…

  6. rachelle

    pretty little bag!
    sayang, di pa ko marunong last week on how to link my post here. but post something for pink friday.
    newbie here and following you!

  7. gagay

    yay!nice goodie there mommy rubz!

  8. gagay

    and oh, first time naku nagjoin mommy rubz! hehehe.. πŸ˜€

  9. Jessica

    Hello Mommy Ruby,
    Belated Happy birthday to you. The bag is so neat. Visitng from Pink Friday. Take care

  10. tejan

    weee..nice bag I like:)

    mine is up:)

  11. Jessica

    Hi Mommy Ruby,
    very nice bagt, what a great gift, you desererved it

  12. shydub

    sweet ng mga mommy friends mo marz, well you deserved that girl. Nice bag though eco friendly hehe and the color maswerti rin hehehe pink is now the lucky color heheh

  13. January

    balik na pud ko dri mommy rubz.. nag pahulay kajut.. hehe

  14. shydub

    uu nga marz whats up with this DTI thing gosh, small time earner pagkakaperahan pa nila, baka nauubusan na sila ng pundo na pweding pagnakawan. grabe naman

  15. Arlene

    Belated Happy Birthday, Mommy Ruby!

  16. vhen

    wow, ang cute naman ng bag.. happy PF!

  17. Jenn

    That is such a cute bag!

    The DTI issue is really something annoying, but I hope it won't mean the end of blog giveaways.

  18. nuts

    wow! what a nice bag. I wish I have this one too. it's too pinky yet so green for living.. love it!

  19. the3chies

    hala b-day diay nimo mommyrubz?pa greet bisan og belated – Happy Birthday! This is a cute pink eco-friendly gift. Nice!

  20. mygreenlivingideas

    I'm so happy that you like it. Ooh, i wish all things goes well. I'm also having personal dilemma this days and can't think that much! Anyway, wishing you all the happiness and less tears for us!

  21. Rcel

    That's a beautiful bag– looks ethnic and really lovely in pink! πŸ™‚

  22. zoan

    WOW! sobrang ganda ng bag ehehe

    ako din, something PINK this week, mas na sure ko mag make ng post, I forgot to put the link up there sa sobrang hina ng SMART! di ko na ata toh ipagpapatuloy ang aking SMART BRO na postpaid. nakaka hiblood ehehe

    mine is up here:

    if you all care to visit eheheh

  23. mommy-jheng

    I missed last week's PF πŸ™

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