PF # 82: Pink Bodied Stuffed Toy

Pink Fridays 81th Edition will still have two winners who will win $5 each. I will announce the winner later after I have uploaded the video.

Since my birthday month has ended, on today’s Pink Fridays 82nd Edition, there will be no prize pot money anymore. We will go and play as usual with pinkness and fun! So hopefully, you would still play with us every week even if we don’t have prize money anymore.

This cute Smiley Baby was another surprise I received last month as a birthday gift. It was given to me by no other than Mommy Rossel of Topics on Earth. Thank you so much Mommy!!! I have another edition to my collections!!!

Now, I am leaving you a cute photograph of my youngest daughter playing with my birthday gift. Isn’t she a beauty?!

34 thoughts on “PF # 82: Pink Bodied Stuffed Toy

  1. Weeeh! Me? First? Wow! Most punctual akong drama! LOL.

    Hi baby Bella! I love your eyes, your cutie smile, and that beautiful stuffed toy! 🙂

  2. She is absolutely a beauty..The last time I missed the pf entry so now I am posting the entry which supposed to be my entry last Friday hehe..Nah, will still join this meme even no price for money anymore, I never win haha..but maybe on your another contest I will, let see..

  3. Ang cutie ng stuff toy! And mukhang kay Bella na naman mapupunta yan. Haha! Btw, my ihada is so cute na gd! 🙂

  4. Your baby girl is gorgeous! 🙂 She has such a pretty face and a pretty smile.. 🙂 A heart-breaker in the making.. 🙂

    I would join this meme but I don’t have anything pink, maybe next week I can find something pink to post.. 🙂

  5. ay… very cute.. kanindots oi… Bella you’re so big na! How generous naman Mommy Sel.. 🙂 Joining MOmmy 🙂

  6. parang hindi na yata lumalabas pangalan ko dito sa pink thoughts ahh hehehe.

    dami ko na utang ni bella, malapit na pala birthday ng dalagang ito

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