PF # 84: Old Pink Shoes

My Baby Bella owns a lot of pink shoes. Above are some of her old pink shoes. Some of these shoes are already tight. I haven’t bought new ones yet but I will buy her one next month just in time for her second birthday. Just hope Sheriff gives me a lot of task!!

How about you? What PINK do you have TODAY??

16 thoughts on “PF # 84: Old Pink Shoes

  1. cute and still in good condition.. so bad that my son’s shoe collections are not pink I can’t share it in here ^.^

  2. so cute.. little girls look lovelier in pinky shoes and I’m sure Bella loves it so much. my younger daughter owns only few and she handed down to her cousin.

  3. Like Bella, both my daughters have lots of Pink shoes & slippers too. They look so girly e di ba? Tapos fave ko rin ang Pink, haha! Happy SUnday!

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